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                                 June 2019 Newsletter.


There will be no meeting this month.


Our next meeting will be in September, when we welcome Thomas Macey, who will gives a talk entitled,

"The story of Jacksons iconic Department Store 1875 - 2013"



At the May meeting we welcomed Sue Dormer whose presentation was entitled: FARLEY CASTLE: a history of the building and the life of its charismatic owners and residents, bankers, farmers, brewers and the role model for Indiana Jones, to a country club and school for disabled boys, Farley Castle has had a very varied and fascinating history. Playing a key role in the life of Farley Hill, the 200 year old Castle, at its peak, housed a rich family with a large supporting household of around 36 servants. Its low point was when it was stripped of all valuables by a Peace Convoy in the 1990's as it lay empty, roofless and neglected. Today, the Grade II listed building has been restored and is the centre of a busy community once again. Sue Dormer has a History & Archaeology degree and worked for ten years at the Museum of London as an Archaeologist. Today she has her own marketing consultancy and is also a Trustee for the national charity the Council for British Archaeology. From the day she moved into the Mews at Farley Castle, Sue has been intrigued by the history of the Castle and its residents and her talk will give details about what she has uncovered.thirty years of his life and I wondered if anyone can help me? For example, where was Riseley Banks? What was Albion House and where was it?”

Apparently, Sidney was a larger than life character.

I realise it’s a long shot, but does anyone recall hearing tales of such a man or know anything of the Lee, Gibbons or Gregory families in the early to mid-twentieth century? Or the location of Albion House or, indeed, Riseley Banks as it doesn’t appear on modern maps? Were there cottages there? Or was it perhaps a site for Romanies?

If you can help, we’d love to hear from you, Contact through slhsoc@yahoo.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Mike Round


Swallowfield Local History Society