Swallowfield Local History Society

March News Letter

Welcome to the March 2018 News Letter.


This months meeting will take place in the Rose Room, Parish Hall at 07:45pm for 08:00pm on Thursday 15th March 2018


The Meeting will bring our year to a close with the Annual General Meeting. when plans for the new calendar year begin.

Once the Business of the Meeting is over we invite you to join the Committee for Wine and Nibbles or a cup of tea or coffee and we will have a look at some of our Archival Material


This year, after the business of the AGM, we will be inviting members to help us respond to a request made by Janet Firth who was one our speakers in 2017. She says: “Chris Hannington, the Wokingham Borough

Landscape and Trees Officer, and I have been discussing by email the subject of medieval deer parks in Wokingham Borough. This discussion raised a couple of points which someone in the Swallowfield Local History Society may be able to clarify. Sheep(b)ridge Park, Swallowfield (cf Swallowfield Park) – There are a number of references to this in the Victoria County History (British History online) and in a list of Berkshire deer parks in an article in the Berkshire Archaeological Journal by Hatherley J M and Cantor J M vol 70 1979-80, but it does not seem to be shown on the earliest maps, for example Saxton’s of 1574.

It is possible that this deer park was on the side of the Loddon in the area of the moated house,Sheepbridge Court, which I visited with other members of the Berkshire Archaeology Research group early in 2017.”

We have other snippets of information but would very much like to hear from anyone who can give us any more information.


Childhood Memories Booklet

We have continued our quest for childhood memories of living in the parish of Swallowfield,  Farley Hill and Riseley, and have carried out several individual interviews with people who have tales to tell. We need more – do you know of anyone who has memories of being, visiting or living in the village during the first half of the 20th century? We would love to talk with them and add to the knowledge bank that is being created.


Visitors are always welcome.To find out about our full programme for the year, do visit our website www.slhsoc.org.uk. If you would like to know more about the history society, please contact either Ken Hussey (Chairman) on 0118 988 3650 or Maggie Uttley (Secretary) on 0118 988 2954 or email kcuttley@aol.com.


Mike Round


Swallowfield Local History Society