Swallowfield Local History Society

March News Letter

March 2019 Newsletter

March is always our Annual General Meeting. So, on Thursday 21st March, we would welcome anyone interested in our local history – come and join us. After the short meeting, we always have some interesting items from the archives to wet your appetites, evoke memories and encourage involvementand questions.

Our meetings are on the third Thursday of the month in the Rose Room at Swallowfield Parish


Visitors are always welcome.

If you have any queries, please contact

Ken Hussey (Chairman) on 0118 988 3650 or

Maggie Uttley (Secretary)on 0118 988 2954 or kcuttley@aol.com.


Upcoming events

April 2019


Barbara Stanley who will give us Part Two of her Personal Experience of growing up during ‘The Troubles in Ireland’

on April 18th


May 2019


Sue Dormer will present:   Farley Castle – a history of the building & the life of its charismatic owners & residents.   Sue has a History and Archaeology degree and from the day she moved into the Mews at Farley Castle she has been intrigued by the history of the Castle and its residents and her talk will give details about what she has uncovered.


Visitors are always welcome.To find out about our full programme for the year, do visit our website www.slhsoc.org.uk. If you would like to know more about the history society, please contact either Ken Hussey (Chairman) on 0118 988 3650 or Maggie Uttley (Secretary) on 0118 988 2954 or email kcuttley@aol.com.


Mike Round


Swallowfield Local History Society