Swallowfield Local History Society

April News Letter

18th April 2019


Our Speaker for this months meeting is Barbara Stanley.


Barbara will present the second part of her personal experiences of the Northern Ireland troubles: Why did it happen and how do we work for peace?


Barbara found herself living through turbulent times as she started university in Belfast just as the Troubles began. She says it shaped her adult life, bringing her close to danger, making her face many big issues and get actively involved in reconciliation work. The story of Barbara's family involvement in the political life of the new Irish state, the peace movements in the North and the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement will, she hopes, give some interesting insights to another difficult period in our history.

Barbara goes behind the barricades and we go behind the scenes when Margaret Thatcher and Garret Fitzgerald try to negotiate peace.


We usually meet on the third Thursday of the month in the Rose Room at the Swallowfield Parish Hall, 7.45pm for 8.00pm.

Visitors are always welcome.

If you have any queries please contact Maggie Uttley (Secretary) 0118 988 2954, email kcuttley@aol.com

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